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We are digital media experts with over 50 years of combined experience. We have worked with dozens of clients to craft, refine, and implement digital media campaigns, including pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, creative social media strategies, and so much more. We offer powerful digital media solutions across a wide range of industries: from food and beverage to healthcare and manufacturing. We work with our clients to dive deep and develop a strategy that works for your business and your budget.

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Our team has over 50 years of combined experience, and we’re constantly learning and evolving to help our clients rise above. We love sharing what we’re learning with our clients and beyond.

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With every digital marketing project, we start at the very beginning. We want to know everything about your business and your customers: what drives you, what your goals are, and what your customers love about your product, as well as where you want to grow online. Then, our team of experts works with you step-by-step.

Coconut Bliss

We designed and built a new site for Coconut Bliss to coincide with their rebrand. Websites are an opportunity to communicate a brand’s identity and expand on the design and equities of that brand. This site includes a store finder, recipes, product information, and e-commerce to support sales and reach consumers anywhere anytime. Extensive social media integration and analytics enable online marketing and advertising. This site truly serves as a central integrated hub for all of Coconut Bliss’ online activities.

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We’re in the digital age. Now, more than ever, digital advertising is an essential part of a brand, product, or service’s paid marketing strategy and often yields a higher return on investment than traditional channels. Hyper-segmentation, demographic data, and retargeting capabilities allow digital advertisers to get the desired message in front of who you want when you want it – and all within a desired budget. We’re ready to chat when you are!

National Fire Fighter Corp.

National Fire Fighter Corp is a family-owned Oregon business providing the highest quality wildland firefighting products to customers across the country. NFFC supplies vital firefighting tools and equipment to federal agencies, state/local governments, fire departments, private contractors, landowners, and distributors across the country.

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With nearly 4.89 billion social media users in 2023, digital media is the new “word-of-mouth”—and more important than ever. We want to help your business leverage pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and digital media to rise above and reach your goals. Ready to learn more about what Revolution Design Group does?

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We take pride in being a comprehensive integrated marketing support solution. We work with clients across a wide range of industries. We would love to talk with you more about how we can support your organization.

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