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A&I Distributors

Family owned and operated since 1924, A&I Distributors is one of the premier distributors in the Northwest with longstanding relationships with both its suppliers and customers.

Maximizing Uptime and Production

100 Years In The Making

A&I Distributors partners with automotive, industrial, and manufacturing professionals with nine locations in eight different states to provide world-class service and the region’s largest selection of brands and products.

A Bold Brand Refresh

A&I needed its brand to be representative of its trustworthiness, reliability, and exceptional service. RDG worked with A&I to bring its 100-year-old brand into the present day with a modern, bold brand refresh including a new logo design and website. RDG’s creative design team surveyed the competitor landscape to ensure the new brand direction would be distinctive and recognizable within the industry. RDG developed a bold and dynamic design honoring A&I’s Pacific Northwest heritage for their new logo and website, with photo styles and color palettes to match. The refreshed brand serves as the foundation today for all A&I marketing materials for both print and digital.

Optimized For Better Performance

RDG worked with A&I Distributors to implement and launch a Content Management System (CMS) within their new web design to produce a cost-effective and versatile solution for optimizing their website experience. RDG customized the A&I website, including mobile and tablet-friendly designs, and created an easy-to-use CSM to give A&I Distributors the tools to update their site after launch without costly development fees. Employing the latest HTML, CSS, responsive design, and JavaScript techniques, RDG produced a new responsive, social, and SEO-friendly website supported with analytics reporting, Google Adwords, and 24/7 client support.

Increased Visibility For A Better Brand

RDG used strategic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help A&I Distributors tell their company story online while increasing their search engine visibility. RDG helped improve the standards for the site architecture and development by creating a website rich in content with meaningful text and topical relevance on every page. The RDG content team used proper header tags, keywords, and descriptions to properly code the website for SEO. Paired with large visual technology content, the new site tells a bold and dynamic story to help create meaningful relationships between the A&I Distributors brand, their partnerships, and customers.

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