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Meet the RDG Art Director

As the Art Director at RDG, Kylee Lee is driven by innovation and design and takes the helm of the creative and art department. On any given day, Kylee brings a mix of artistic knowledge, technical expertise, and project management to execute a wide array of projects alongside the creative team.

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5 Things Graphic Designers Do

In many ways, graphic designers add immense value to any project they touch – from photo and video editing, product packaging design, and retail optimization to website design, social media graphics, and blog or emailer graphics. While the list of their tasks and capabilities can seem endless, here are the 5 things graphic designers do.

Muralist Bayne Gardner Makes New Downtown Debut

A new art piece has flown into the downtown Eugene RDG offices, the scene painted with a fierce flag-flying sparrow standing tall and victorious over his tentacled foe. Muralist Bayne Gardner, whose vibrant works beautify otherwise mundane spaces throughout the Eugene Valley, was commissioned to bring this creative marketing agency’s vision to life.

Branding | Design | Marketing | RDG Life