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From the Breakfast Nook to Our Downtown Creative Hub

Revolution Design Group

We’re integrators that can complete large scale projects in web, print, and digital
and connect them in a way that is engaging and cohesive.

Revolution Design Group was started in a six-by-six-foot breakfast nook, with a desk from a local recycling center, and second-hand computer equipment. Today, our office is a flagship tenant of the Miner building in downtown Eugene, Oregon. Our staff works on brands from coast to coast in an office inspired by this historic building’s details, our artistic and vibrant city, and the creative people who work here. Our success is rooted in our mission to build brands and our commitment to our core values of Integrity, Dedication, Collaboration and Growth. We do what’s right. We are in constant pursuit of excellence. We create a shared vision with our clients. We make progress in all things.

Since 2010, we’ve launched over two hundred websites. We develop information and e-commerce-based websites with customized programming to match our clients’ needs. We utilize industry best practices to promote website stability, security, and longevity. Our creative agency employs a full-time, in-house team of dedicated creative professionals, project managers, and strategic thinkers.

We support over 250 retail products in the US and abroad. This support includes marketing, branding, strategy, product naming, design, packaging, sales materials, digital campaigns, trade show design, large format, and many other services that food & beverage firms and consumer product brands require. We have extensive experience in trade development with a dedicated focus on connecting marketing and design functions with sales and trade support. We have a special passion for lifestyle, food, and beverage brands.

We offer full-service digital advertising and social media management in collaboration with your brand. We use this skill set and approach every website from a place of integration with critical discussions around content, social media integration, and search engine optimization from the first meeting.

  • We’re relationship-oriented and collaborative long-term partners
  • We’re integrators that can complete large scale projects in web, print, and digital and connect them in a way that is engaging and cohesive
  • We’re nimble, and built to support companies in all phases of growth and development

Partners & Founders

Jennifer Revoal President & Founder

Jennifer Revoal is the Founder of Revolution Design Group. After obtaining her B.A. in Multimedia and Design from the University of Oregon in ’03, she became a career Graphic Designer and Creative Director. She also manages the business operations of the agency.

Jennifer founded Revolution in 2010 as a boutique agency specializing in design for consumer product goods with an emphasis on food and beverage brands and international brands. As the agency grew, she expanded into online services including website design, development, and digital media, integrating brands across multiple relevant media channels.

She has a passion for evolving existing brands to current market conditions — the art of maintaining existing consumer relationships while expanding brands to appeal to new consumers. She believes successful design requires considering the unique nature of every client, brand, and product.

Headshot photograph of Seth Revoal
Seth Revoal CEO

Seth is the Co-Owner of Revolution Design Group. He provides strategy and marketing guidance to our retail and wholesale food, beverage, and consumer packaged goods customers. He also directly oversees Digital Advertising, Content Development, and Programmers.

Seth holds an MBA from Johns Hopkins University with a concentration in Marketing and Brand Strategy. He has also completed a Certificate in Public Relations Strategy from Cornell University. These complement his Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Design from the University of Oregon.

Seth combines this background with 20 years of sales and consumer marketing experience to provide unparalleled guidance to our clients. Seth specializes in marketing and communication strategy, brand development, digital media marketing, consumer messaging, and cross-disciplinary multimedia integration.

Seth currently serves as a director on the boards of multiple organizations and focuses his charitable and philanthropic work on education, children, equity, and the disabled.

Diversity & Inclusion at RDG

Revolution Design Group is committed to promoting individuality and inclusion through building a diverse team that welcomes people of all backgrounds. We value innovation, creativity, and collaboration. We believe that diversity in people gives us diversity in ideas, life experience, and design. We’re curious about our team members’ interests and passions and support efforts to grow as individuals and as members of our teams. As a woman- and minority-owned business, we’ve shared in the experience of what exclusion feels like. We celebrate opportunities to proactively promote equity in our staffing, hiring, benefits, company culture, and community. We are WBE certified in Oregon (Women Business Enterprise #8160).

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Our success is rooted in our mission to build brands and our commitment to our core values of Integrity, Dedication, Collaboration and Growth. We do what’s right.

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