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Providing products since 1975, GloryBee offers a wide assortment of honey products including honey syrup, specialty honey, classic honey, and raw honey.

A Force for Good

Organic Honey Gets A Fresh Look

Providing products since 1975, GloryBee offers a wide assortment of honey products including
honey syrup, specialty honey, classic honey, and raw honey.

GloryBee 3.0: A Brand Above

After more than 47 years, GloryBee finds itself in the same position as many family-owned businesses. Leadership is changing, culture is in transition, and companies are seeking to define and reposition themselves in an evolving market. GloryBee provides globally-sourced, sustainable, and non-GMO organic products to food manufacturers and suppliers nationwide – a key strength of the historical honey brand. GloryBee 3.0 seeks to place more emphasis on quality, research and development, and technical expertise, while still upholding its core equities. Upon conducting a strategic brand analysis report, RDG partnered with GloryBee to redefine the brand. An informed analysis drove our objective to position the company as a viable nationwide supplier of honey, sweeteners, and other food manufacturing products.

Collateral For The Next Generation

The new GloryBee brand began with the design and development of new brand standards and design language. This direction reinforces GloryBee Foods as a large and capable supplier of bulk honey and liquid sweeteners for use in manufacturing and private labeling in a contemporary and relevant way. RDG intentionally crafted a new brand identity, reinforced by social responsibility initiatives and suitability as a corporate partner. RDG developed new marketing collateral to align with the new brand direction including an updated logo, new brand standards, letterheads, business cards, brochures, stationary, one-sheets, rack cards, PowerPoint presentation templates, folders, and a brand book.

Packaging Optimized for Grocery

While GloryBee already had a logo that reflected their brand, they were looking to update their packaging and optimize it for retail. With ambitious growth goals in mind, we set out to create a label that could be used across all of their honey products. This included defining the communication hierarchy for the front of the packages and integrating necessary marks like the USDA Organic, Fair Trade, and Non-GMO marks. We wanted a modern, fresh label that spoke to the hive, the bee, and the collection as a whole. The design element of the hexagon in the shape of the honeycomb allowed for subtle changes between flavors but distinct color-coding for ease of shopping at the grocery store.

Marketing & Trade Show

We provided style guidelines for the packaging, advertisements, and marketing materials to support the rebrand. We also designed a label for the premium cooking and baking products using the black label design. Many of these products are available for purchase on the GloryBee website.

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