LTD Serves a Diverse Community of Riders

Lane Transit District

LTD is the primary public transit provider for Lane County. LTD offers several modes of transportation to get passengers where they want to go.

Budgeting for the Future

Investing in the Community

With big transportation needs comes a big vision. We worked with LTD to produce the design and layout of the Community Investment Plan.
This piece keeps our local community informed about upcoming projects through 2030.

Design & Layout

Our most recent projects with LTD include the Budget Booklet for 2021–2022 and the Community Investment Program brochures. Each of these projects required evolving the existing branding, creating a brand style guide, creating design concepts, and producing each book. This required excellent long-form design skills focusing on dynamic imagery, spread design, brand colors, and creating consistency among typographic styles. The budget booklet includes over 120 spreads with intensive bars, charts, graphics, and infographics to explain the content.

ADA Accessibility

We were also tasked to translate and produce the book into Spanish. We created updated web design layouts, graphics, animation, and digital ads. Some of the design challenges included presenting data points in visual ways for better community understanding. In order to create accessible PDFs for screen readers, we set up our Adobe InDesign files with diligent and intentional layering on all 120 spreads to achieve maximum accessibility.

Infographic Design

A large amount of information or data can be overwhelming for readers. We took the opportunity to convert data into visually pleasing infographics to better communicate the objective of the data. Our goals was to create a book that was playful and positive to showcase the budget and upcoming project.

Web Assets

Using Adobe XD, we created website assets to enhance the LTD user experience online. This included utilizing many of the print-ready documents’ data points in visual ways and animating them to provide more dynamic content. We provided all of the web-ready graphics for use on the website.

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