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Yogi Tea

A partner with Revolution Design Group since our inception, we provide graphic design and production
to support Yogi Tea’s daily marketing and sales needs.

Yogi tea brings flavor, intention, and wellness in every cup of tea.

Packaging on a Global Scale

Through design, technical accuracy, and consistent brand application,
we produce packaging files, marketing, sales, and trade show materials to support Yogi tea.

Packaging & Marketing Materials

Working with Yogi tea since 2010, we’ve created a wonderful long-standing partnership and client relationship. While our work has evolved over the years as Yogi tea has grown and expanded, we now provide daily support to the marketing, sales, and operation teams. We pride ourselves on processing complex marketing needs with design and technical accuracy to produce materials that support Yogi Tea’s business objectives. We update packaging including cartons and envelopes, create new package design for new product launches, select colors, and create cup and cue arrangements to bring flavor appeal and a pop of color to the tea aisle.

In-Store Sales Materials

Yogi Tea has a global presence, and supporting the product at retail is a critical part of the beverage brand’s success. We produce sales sheets for all teas, new SKUs, a variety of coupons, distributor ads, signage, and customer sampling program pieces to support their retail distribution.

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