Perfectly Wholesome Bagels

Trail’s End Bakery

A longstanding Pacific Northwest bagel shop decides to build a brand to sell at grocery stores,
expanding their availability outside their retail cafes.

Real Food with Simple Ingredients

Inspired by the Outdoors

These bagels are great for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Take them on the trail or your next road trip adventure.

An Updated Retail Brand

Launching a brand for retail is no easy task. A lot of companies want to be successful in grocery. Beyond price, location, and a delicious product, a shopper needs to get through the packaging to get to the product. A retail-optimized package can be the difference between growing your business and being put on clearance and cycled out of the store. We helped to create the Trail’s End Bakery brand. We took the best elements of the product, our northwest location, and a love of the outdoors to inspire a simple line art illustration logo and style. Each bagel flavor is then illustrated with popular Oregon scenes like Smith Rock and Crater Lake. We developed a beautiful story to enjoy with your next bagel.


As we nailed down the logo and packaging, we began to tackle the marketing and sales materials and the website. We knew that we wanted to showcase the flavor, color, and texture of the bagels. We conceptualized the types of shots we thought would best communicate those attributes and then styled and shot the bagels, creating dozens of images for use on the website and marketing materials.

Website + Mobile

Part of launching a new brand is creating its online story. We set up digital media and the website for Trail’s End Bakery to give more information about the products, and to drive awareness and interest in the bagels. The website became a touchpoint for consumers to get recipes, learn about new varieties, and find retail locations.

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