A Crop Grown on the Reservation Becomes a Brand.


We created an authentic brand that felt like the tribe and its people with nationwide reach to
bring more economic stability to their revenue streams.

Natural. Native. Original. Always.

Regeneratively Grown Hemp

Crafted into three blends: Mint, Floral, & Original

Designing a Brand

A sovereign nation, the Ioway people have developed a variety of economic drivers to support their people. This has included the creation of Soje (pronounced Show-jay), a hemp cigarette product grown on the reservation. Our work started at the very beginning. We provided consumer segmentation consultation, brand exploration, and brand visuals to narrow down the design directions from the tribal council. We then evolved the brand direction into a logo and brand mark for the retail brand. Once a logo was selected, we designed and produced packaging for hemp cigarettes, cases, and boxes for shipping products to retail locations.

Marketing & Sales Materials

We generated all the marketing and collateral materials for supporting the brand including posters, advertisements, rack cards, business cards, banners, print ads, posters, tradeshow banners, brand books, sales sheets, coasters, apparel, and many items.

Integrated Marketing

The SOJE brand is an excellent example of starting with a product and a name and walking through the discovery, design, production, and advertising components of a product launch. This brand kit included complete packaging (carton, case, shipper), print materials, and digital advertising.

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