CBD for Humans and Their Pets

Green Element

Better Living, Health & Wellness through CBD. A new Oregon-based CBD company creates products for pets and adults, to keep the whole family happy and pain-free.

Green Element Brings CBD to Everyone

High Quality CBD & CBG

CBD for people is a rapidly growing category. But CBD for pets is growing even faster. This brand was built from the ground up for affluent independent pet store customers and the pets they love.

A Brand Retailers & Consumers Can Trust

Green Element was created to fill a gap in the market. CBD brands built on support from independent pet stores began selling to big box stores. Green Element stepped in to provide high quality, affordable, and trustworthy CBD and CBG options with authenticity and integrity. Green Element was designed to convey quality and purity. The color story and label elements are reminiscent of old apothecary design, while the logo is a reference to the periodic table. This product is optimized for the independent retail environment, and designed to attract its target consumers.

Packaging & Collateral

We created a suite of business letterhead designs to reflect the labeling and branding of their retail products. Along with the letterhead, Revolution Design Group created a collection of sales and marketing material for sales reps to use when talking with retail partners and new accounts. Packaging included products for dogs, cats, and horses.

Website + Mobile

Green Element needed a website that could quickly and efficiently support their emerging retail brand. That meant not only supporting e-commerce, but also providing support for wholesale accounts and distributors. GreenelementCBD.com was designed to expand on the design created for the packaging while connecting the brand’s consumers with product information, social media content, and opportunities for engagement.


This fully featured e-commerce site is capable of growing with the brand and supporting user wholesale pricing, customer accounts, MailChimp integration, real-time shipping, social media integration, blogging, and ERP integration.

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