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Curtis Food Service Equipment

Curtis Food Service Equipment is one of the leading food service equipment and design companies in the nation. Their customers come from all segments of the industry and include the smallest of food outlets to some of the largest chain accounts.

A food service equipment and design company

Creating Kitchens Since 1963

With over 60 years of experience in the industry, Curtis provides full circle service to their clients.

A Rebrand with a Focus on Tradition

Well-executed rebranding can increase customer loyalty and retention up to 20%. When we update an existing brand, our goal is always to help our clients meet their business goals. Curtis is a brand with a rich history and strong tradition in the restaurant equipment industry. When we work on a brand like this, we want to maintain their personality and history, while modernizing elements of their brand and introducing new elements to help them succeed. Throughout the process, we listened to company leaders, employees, and key stakeholders to help elevate the brand without forgetting where they come from.


For Curtis, we wanted to maintain their personality and strong, 60-year history while giving their logo a fresh look. We used a circular geometric sans-serif font with culinary iconography added within the letters. We also used this C as its own brand mark and pattern element, giving Curtis a variety of options for use on their marketing materials.

Visual Language

Our team created a full circle concept for Curtis to represent Connection and Community. We used lifestyle photography alongside a bright and energetic color palette to speak to their history, as well as their fresh direction. We help clients rise and succeed in their businesses, and creating a visual language that helps them grow is one way we do that.

Trade Marketing

Helping brands rise is what we do here at Revolution Design Group. Having a keen understanding of trade marketing is important to help do that. We support our clients with strategic advice, sales support material, distributor marketing assets, retailer campaign material, pitch decks and kits, and industry marketing and advertising. We are focused on giving our clients the tools to succeed.

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