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Ninkasi Brewing

Ninkasi Brewing, one of the fastest-growing craft breweries in the United States,
has been producing innovative and delicious beers since 2006.

Beer Culture

Independently Owned.

Community Driven.

The 33rd largest craft brewer in the US, Ninkasi Brewing is dedicated to brewing the highest quality beverages in support of culture, community, and the uniqueness of each individual and their passions.

Beers That Look As Good As They Taste

Ninkasi Brewing’s extensive and varied line included 10 year-round brews, four seasonal beers, and a regularly changing collection of specialty offerings. With such a breadth of products, RDG focused on creating a foundational look that gave unity across the line. RDG customized each beer with its own color treatment and graphic personality to match and represent their individual flavor profiles. The RDG design team also converted Ninkasi’s previous design package. This took an old illustration style into the present day with modern monoline designs which aligned with the branding of their popular Pacific Rain and Prismatic products. RDG redesigned and rebranded an entire packaging suite including cans, bottles, carrying cases, and more.

From Concept
to Creation

In addition to the limited Heart & Science series and the staple Ninkasi Pilsner, RDG designed new cans from concept to creation for Ninkasi’s Brightberry ale, a fruit-forward raspberry lime brew. The unfiltered wheat ale served as Ninkasi’s take on a classic European beer style and went from a limited batch to a full year-round series due to its popularity. With a new look in hand, RDG helped create a broad marketing and communications strategy encompassing print, digital, and web to fully leverage the rebrand, reach new audiences, and keep beer lovers coming back for more.

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