New Traditions for Farm to Table

Firebird Farms

Located around an elevation of 4,000 feet in the south-facing hills of Ashland, Oregon, Firebird Farms is home to a herd of around 80 yaks. Firebird Farms offers yak goods and artisan yak provisions including yarn, accessories, meat, and breeding stock.

Meeting The Herd

Adventures With Yak

With their nutrient-rich milk and meat, luxurious fiber, intellect, playfulness, and sweet demeanor, yaks are lighter on the land than other bovine species and make an ideal animal for small to mid-sized farms. Firebird Farms focuses on quality, foundation animals with excellent fiber, temperaments, and personalities.

An Authentic Brand For A New Breed

While yaks have historically been used for thousands of years to help transport goods and people throughout Central Asia, including Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, and parts of China, a modern-day yak farm is a newer American dream inspired by slower living, sustainability, and homesteading. Firebird Farms partnered with RDG to design and develop an authentic brand focused on the farm’s ethically-raised animals, simplicity, beauty, and adventure.

A New American Brand

With Firebird Farm’s compelling story, product, and proprietor, RDG worked to build a strong lifestyle brand around the farm as a place, the yak as a product, and its owner Sophia Weiss as a personality. The Firebird Farms brand identity shares a popular ideal in American culture and blends beautiful spaces, crafted products, and an agrarian lifestyle. The new logo, developed from a simple line art drawing illustration, conveys a simple but beautiful yak-centric lifestyle where modern meets Americana.

Web Design & Development

The Firebird Farms website had to fit in both form and function, including an e-commerce site to allow consumers to support the local farm, shop yak products, and learn about yaks as animals, pets, and breeding stock. RDG developed the architecture and site outline with home page and model designs, completed the setup for the site, online store, its templates, and styles, configured the site for shipping, and added critical extensions such as an SEO manager, Shipstation, and blog. Today, RDG continues to work with Firebird Farms as the yak farm’s full-service creative agency overseeing all branded products, web updates, and continuity, and marketing partner for blogs, SEO, social media, and more.

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