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Slocum Orthopedics

Home to the most advanced orthopedic care options in Eugene/Springfield with a team of specialists and dedicated providers delivering world-class care and an exceptional patient experience.

The Northwest’s Premier Center for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

A Cutting-Edge Campus with Comprehensive Care

The official orthopedic sports medicine team physicians for the University of Oregon Athletics since 1967.

Professionally Designed & Printed Patient Materials

Initially, the patient handouts available at Slocum were disjointed, with latently updated materials and outdated information. Providers grew tiresome of handing outdated pamphlets and uninspired fliers, and patients simply settled for what was accessible. To create a cohesive, comprehensive, and helpful all-in-one resource for joint replacement surgery patients, RDG designed an all-new Total Joint booklet, a spiral-bound notebook providing key information for orthopedic surgery patients, from physical therapy and pre-surgery prep to overall health tips and guides for recovery. The notebook features color-coded tabs for easy navigation and brings past materials into the present with visually-appealing information blocks, timelines, photo examples, and checklists. The Total Joint Book served as a foundation for future patient materials, guiding the direction for subsequent one-sheets, rack cards, tri-folds – and even the website redesign. Providers’ enthusiasm for providing patients with valuable take-home materials returned, and demand for the Total Joint Books grew tenfold.

A New Website for Continued Community Care

Founded in 1939, Slocum Center for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine has a long-standing history of providing quality orthopedic care to the Eugene/Springfield community. With an existing and well-established brand known to the healthcare community and patients alike, Slocum approached RDG to design a new website reflective of its continued mission for excellence and efficiency. The new website design focused on simplifying the user experience engagingly and visually, creating new opportunities for searchability, provider profiles, patient forms, and much more. A natural evolution of the brand, Slocum’s new website stayed true to its core values in a new, refreshed, and professional way putting the patient experience at the forefront.

A Full-Service

RDG serves as Slocum’s full-service creative services partner, eliminating the need for an internal marketing department. Our team of talented and experienced marketing and design professionals oversees a complete scope of projects including graphic design, advertising, consulting, web development, and marketing. We work hand-in-hand with the Slocum team to consistently deliver a full-service partnership, rising to the occasion for everything from small day-to-day projects to large, full-scale campaigns.

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