Oregon is the nation’s 7th Largest Agricultural Producer

Oregon Department of Agriculture

This unique position means that agriculture has a huge economic, cultural, and social impact. It drives jobs,
innovative food products, and supports a diverse range of farmers, ranchers, and food manufacturers.

There are Many ODA supported programs that provide statewide

Opportunities for Farm-to-Table Food

If you’ve visited a farmer’s market, eaten an Oregon school lunch, or visited the pumpkin patch, you’ve touched Oregon’s agriculture.
Most recently we’ve been fortunate to work with Oregon Harvest for Schools’ Farm-to-School Program.

Oregon Harvest for Schools

In 2021, we took on the farm to school project, a massive photography, article, and audio interview project that took us to every corner of Oregon. We interviewed  twenty farms and food manufacturers to learn how they sell to the Oregon Farm to School Program. The initiative was to educate Oregonians about the program and how healthy foods in agriculture make it into school lunches, and to encourage more farmers and food manufacturers to participate. There was a special focus on featuring women and BIPOC farmers. The final product contained over a thousand photographs, articles, and collateral marketing materials for the Farm to School program.

Collateral & Marketing Materials

One of the initiatives of this project was to provide templates to the Oregon Department of Agriculture so that internal staff could update and produce materials that were cohesive in branding and style. This helped showcase the professionalism of the program and attract new participant schools and food providers. These food providers include fisheries, farms, ranches, and food manufacturers.

Oregon Bee Project

We partnered with the Oregon Department of Agriculture and Oregon State University to create articles about the Flagship Farms of the Oregon Bee Project. These farms (and wineries) have committed to maintaining a certain portion of native habitat on their land so that pollinators could proliferate. Some also collected bees to create the Oregon Bee Atlas, which maps the variety of native bee species throughout the state. Over the span of six months, we traveled to 12 different farms and wineries to interview the farmers, take photos, and learn about how they support pollinators.

Celebrate Oregon Agriculture

Our team interviewed, wrote articles, and took photographs for a variety of original content pieces for Celebrate Oregon Agriculture’s social media networks and website. The content we created includes original pieces about women in farming, farm-to-school programs, several “meet your farmer” features, and dry farming. The final aspect of this project involved marketing their “Crop-Up Dinners” around the state, which featured professional chefs creating delicious meals for the public using Oregon’s specialty crops.

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